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Community investment

Raise awareness for Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Register (NBMDR)

Oslo Marathon 2018. Will Ash together with representatives from Blodbanken Norway and NBMDR.

Imagine yourself or one of your loved ones is struck by Leukaemia or another serious blood disorder. If this were to happen, transplantation with stem cells from bone marrow or blood could be life-saving.

William Ash is a normal 24-year-old guy who lost a close friend long before her time - Alice Byron was just a 20-year-old girl when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Alice passed away in July 2016, leaving behind a cause she had fought tirelessly for the entire year before her death. Two years after her death, William’s passion for continuing her cause has not faded. In 2017, he completed 44 events around the world and raised over £7000 for Anthony Nolan, a charity dedicated to the funding, research and use of the Bone Marrow register to give those with blood cancer a second chance.

In 2018 William Ash has run more marathons in Norway to raise awareness for the Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Register (NBMDR), and this is something Repsol Norge wants to help with. William has run marathons in the cities of Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo, and has committed to more around the country in the coming year. The NBMDR is a branch of Oslo University Hospital, specialising in finding and matching healthy stem cell donors to patients with blood disorders.

What can you do to help?

First, you must register as a blood donor in one of the blood banks in Norway. In Norway, new bone marrow donors are only recruited among blood donors - you must be healthy and between 18 to 40 years at time of registration; you may then remain a donor until the age of 55 years. If you would prefer to sign up just as a blood donor, you may do so as long as you are healthy and between 18 to 65 years old.

As a volunteer on The Bone Marrow Donor Registry, you may be asked to donate stem cells to a patient – a painless procedure similar to giving blood. With more people on the stem cell register, more patients can find a suitable donor and receive a transplant. The result, is that more patient’s lives are saved! Please help us raise awareness for such an important cause.