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Travel offshore information

  • Information for those traveling offshore

    If the national authorities operate with stricter guidelines than Repsol Norge, then these guidelines will also apply to Repsol Norge's suppliers and operations. All suppliers are asked to follow the current national and / or local guidelines. For Norway, follow the advice from Folkehelseinstituttet (National Institute of Public Health) and Regjeringen (The government).

If you have symptoms of respiratory illness (such as fever, runny nose, sore throat, coughing or shortness of breath), or other symptoms (such as fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, reduced sense of taste and smell, muscle pain or generally feeling of illness), even if the symptoms are mild, you must contact your nearest manager before planning the departure to offshore.

In addition, contact Repsol Norge company health service on +47 489 90 769 or The phone line is open on weekdays between 09:00 – 15:00 and if needed the service will be available also in evenings and weekends. Repsol Norge company health service will be able to give advice both before departure and during the quarantine period, if necessary.

Repsol Norge occupational health service will contact all travellers by phone two to five days before scheduled departure. Please note that separate guidelines regarding quarantine and isolation applies to travel offshore and is given in the matrix below. What applies will also be clarified in the phone call with the Repsol Norge occupational health service prior to your travel.

Covid-19 offshore travel requirements for Yme Inspirer 16.02.22
Status Vaccination status Requirements in the COVID-19 Regulations or guidance from FHI Additional requirements from Repsol
COVID-19 positive Regardless of vaccination status Get tested if you develop symptoms. The regulatory requirement to go into isolation is removed and replaced with a recommendation for adults with a confirmed case of COVID-19 to stay home for 4 days from the onset of symptoms and, regardless, until they have been fever-free for 24 hours. It is recommended to keep a distance from others in the household and in some cases use a face mask. Employers must consider the need to limit infection and provide guidelines for their employees. It is important that working conditions are created in workplaces so that risk groups have the necessary flexibility.

Departure should be approved by Company doctor but may as a general rule be at the earliest of 4 days after symptom onset or after 4 days after positive test

A negative antigen test should be available before travelling to Stavanger

SHALL test at the test centre before going offshore as follows:

- Antigen rapid test less than 1 month from undergone disease

- PCR test if more than 1 month of one undergone disease

Exceptions to the main rule require consent from OIM and Company doctor

Close contacts (all categories) Regardless of vaccination status Household members and similar close contacts are recommended to have a test if they get symptoms. There is no requirement for quarantine for close contacts.

Departure offshore not earlier than 4 days after the last close contact.

SHALL test with PCR at the test centre before going offshore

Persons with symptoms Regardless of vaccination status You will test yourself for COVID-19. If negative test:

1) You should stay at home until you feel fresh and fever-free for 24 h

2) If you have vague sympathy (a little snot or mild headache), you can go to work

SHALL test with PCR at the test centre before going offshore

Departure to Yme

Repsol Norge expects that personnel going offshore to be updated on current travel advices and how they generally should respond to departure offshore.

Travellers to Yme must complete Covid-19 testing. The actual testing takes place at Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger, at Sola, address: Sømmevegen 1, 4055 Sola.

It is your own responsibility to book a timeslot for Covid-19 testing.

Yme: here

Please note

  • The latest possible time to complete the test is minimum three hours before helicopter departure. If there is no availability the same day or the day before, you can contact Repsol health service to find an appointment for testing.
  • Those who have offshore departure meetings on Tuesdays need to book the test before 1 pm.
  • You will receive a sms message with the test result and the earliest arrival at the heliport is 120 minutes before departure.

Rules upon arrival to Norway

The duty to complete entry registration and to produce a negative test prior to arrival, are being removed.

Departure and quarantine hotel for Repsol

Repsol Norge has established an arrangement for departure and quarantine hotel at Clarion Hotel Energy for all personnel departing from Sola. This offer applies to all travellers and can be used if the traveller does not have a similar scheme.

Booking can be on or alternatively call + 47 5134 7800, use the booking code 1128GR018622. The hotel is located at Ishockeyveien 2 , 4021 Stavanger

Please note: It is important that travellers specify whether they are required to enter mandatory quarantine.

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The departure instructions apply for those of you planning on traveling offshore.

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