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Norway is a strategic area for Repsol. Since 2009, the company has increased its efforts in exploration in order to secure new assets and become a recognised player on the Norwegian continental shelf.


Repsol Norge is focusing on exploration activity in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea.  

North Sea Exploration 

The North Sea is our primary focus area, as is the area where all our production fields are located. 

Repsol is currently exploring in the following production licenses:  025/187, 120/120CS, 909, 910 and 913.

Norwegian Sea Exploration 

Repsol has a strong exploration presence in this area. In total, we are a licensee in 7* exploration blocks, of which we operate two.

Operated licenses are: 705.

Partner in licenses: 528, 528 B, 704, 840, 847, 847B, 897

* Per  July 2018

Licence awards

Repsol Norge was in March 2018 awarded three new production licenses as part of the APA 2017- Awards in Pre-Defines Areas. Repsol was granted operatorship in the two licenses PL909 (70%) and PL910 (61,1%). The third license awarded was PL913 (50%) with OMW as the operator.

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Local Contact

Local Contact

Grethe Elise Foldnes

Manager External Affairs 

Telephone: + 47 52 00 18 85 

Mob: + 47 992 30 931