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Sustainability plans

View of the sea and oil rigs

Sustainability Plans

Repsol strives to build a better future through the development of smart energy solutions. Our commitment to being a responsible company is at the core of everything we do.
  • 2018 Repsol Norge Sustainability Plan

    For Norway we developed our first Repsol Norge sustainability plan in 2018 and it included 18 actions to be followed. At the end of the year, each of the initiatives that are part of the Sustainability Plan is reviewed and we reached a fulfillment of 83%.

    One of the achievements in the 2018 plan that we would like to mention is that Repsol Norge has become a partner in the planned low emission research center lead by SINTEF and NTNU. Technology development within this centre shall help the petroleum industry to reduce offshore CO2 emissions by 40% within 2030 and to move towards zero emission on the Norwegian shelf in 2050.

  • 2019 Repsol Norge Sustainability Plan

    Also, the 2019 Norway sustainability plan is based on the six pillars in the Repsol’s Sustainability Model.

    This year we have in total 15 actions is to be completed.