HSE Excellence

Repsol operates under Norwegian rules and regulations, and complies with the Repsol corporate standards. The corresponding Repsol Policy establishes the guidelines that define its strategy on the matter of safety and the environment in all the areas in which it operates.  Our goal is to maintain a high level of safety in processes and facilities, paying special attention to protecting people and the surrounding environment. 

Repsol has adopted a culture that supports the zero-incident goal, and sets rules of conduct for an excellent HSE behaviour. Our HSE culture must permeate everything we do both onshore and offshore, and we undertake a commitment to make efficient use of energy with the purpose of preserving natural resources and reducing atmospheric emissions without any reduction in quality and flow of production. 

While we are governed by the Repsol corporate standards, our local HSE policies and practices is an integral part of the local Management System compliant to Norwegian regulations.