On June 16 2023, we honored the best students in the three Petroleum Engineering specializations; Drilling, Production and Geosciences at the University of Stavanger with a check and a diploma.

In working with several organizations in Norway, Repsol Norge has a clear policy to leave positive footprints in the areas important to our business. Since, 2005, Repsol in Norway and the University of Stavanger has had a constructive and close collaboration, and Repsol  Best Student Awards are part of this long cooperation.


The Repsol Best Student Award 2023 is given in three categories

On 16 June Repsol Norge handed out our annual Repsol Award at the University of Stavanger. The award is given in three specializations: Drilling, Production and Petroleum Geosciences and is targeting the three best Master students based on grades only.

“We hope The Repsol Best Student Award will contribute to and encourage students to continue to work hard and achieve good result. Repsol is committed to an energy transition toward a low-emissions future and we were the first energy company to set an objective of net zero emissions by 2050. To succeed in that endeavor and to be part of the future solution, we rely on the talents of young people”, says Grethe Foldnes, Manager External Affairs of Repsol Norge.


Supporting technical disciplines education is key for Repsol

Repsol has supported and encouraged education in technical disciplines for years, because we know that in the long run, the industry depends on the competence of students, both in our traditional oil & gas portfolio but also within our renewable/low-carbon business.


Our social licence to operate

“We are indeed in the business for the long term and need to create exiting career opportunities for the future. To get there, however, we need to demonstrate our social responsibility in our operations, to the community of which we are a part. This is a challenge that we are well aware, and one on which we are working very hard, and we need the best hands and heads.”, says Ms. Foldnes.


This year we honered seven students:

  • In Drilling Enginnering: Muhammed Suleman
  • In Production Engineering: Imad Chidiac
  • In Petroleum Geosciences Engineering: Lisa Egeland Jonassen