At Repsol we seek people's well-being and contribute to sustainable development.



We understand that sustainable development must meet the needs of our generation without compromising those of future generations, so we assume a voluntary commitment to prevent and reduce possible impacts that may be caused by our operations on society and the environment. To do this , we listen and work closely with the different stakeholders at three levels: global, national,  and operational.

In Norway, Repsol not only applies its safety and environmental policies, but also develops relations with co-operation partners as a part of our Community Investment.




Environment & safety

We conduct our operations under the safest conditions while taking special care to protect the surrounding environment and preserve biodiversity.


Community investment

Repsol works with several organizations in Norway in order to make a positive contribution that adds value to and improves the communities we do business in.

Sustainability Plans


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Local contact

Grethe Elise Foldnes

Manager External Affairs 

Telephone: + 47 52 00 18 85 

Mob: + 47 992 30 931