Repsol Norge AS and Tour des Fjords have signed a two-year main partnership agreement

03 February 2016 - 18:20 CET

The five day bicycle festival, which will take place in from 31 August- 4 September 2016, includes a professional international cycling race, a race open to the general public, a race for kids, entertainment for families, and extensive TV coverage.

“We are proud to support this positive sporting event in Western Norway,” said Vidar Nedrebø, Managing Director of Repsol Norge AS. “With our recent entrance into the Norwegian market and the establishment of our Norwegian headquarters in Stavanger, this is one example of our long-term commitment to the country, and we hope that the agreement will instil a sense of pride and enthusiasm among our employees.”

The professional race attracts International top cyclists, who tour the most scenic areas of the country along the fjords and mountainsides. It is the most important cycling event in Norway, and will be broadcast across the country on the Norwegian channel TV2. It is also a strong attraction for families with children, thanks to all of the family friendly events and a children’s race with 2,300 children expected to participate.

“We are grateful to have Repsol join us as one of our five major sponsors,” said Roy Hegreberg, Race Event Director for Tour des Fjords. “Having an international oil and gas company as part of our team for the coming two years means a lot to us. The oil industry is important for Norway, and especially our region.”

Repsol Norge AS recently established its office in Stavanger and is therefore a newcomer to this region. The company intends to use the collaboration with Tour des Fjords to increase its brand recognition in Norway and grow relationships in the Norwegian community.

The sponsorship agreement will give Repsol jersey rights to the Young Riders teams, and visibility on screens and banners throughout the event, as well as television sponsorship segments.